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A reliable subscription platform that offers affordable data bundle, instant airtime recharge, card printing and digital subscriptions at best possible price without compromising solution quality.

About Datamesolution

We provide solutions to all your data and subscription problems. We are the best platform to buy cheap SME Data online, Resell VTU airtime website, pay Electricity Bills, Cable TV Subscription, Print Recharge Card and Convert Airtime to Cash and more.

Why Choose Us?

A lot of Nigerians find it hard and expensive to process their subscriptions. Datame Solution helps you make such payments right from the comfort of your home or office at a very much cheaper price. Hence allowing you to experience total convenience, fast service delivery and easy payment even without compromising quality.

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Our customers are premium to us, hence satisfying them is our topmost priority. Our customer service is just a click away.


We use cutting-edge technology to run our services. Our data delivery and wallet funding is automated..

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Your e-wallet is the safest, easiest and fastest means of carrying out transactions with us..

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Our Services

Buy Data

Start enjoying this very low rates Data plan for your internet browsing databundle..

Airtime Top Up

Making an online recharge has become very easy and safe on Datamesolution.

Buy Electricity

Because we understand your needs, we have made bills and utilities payment more convenient.

Airtime To Cash

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate please login to get current conversion rate...

Bulk SMS

Send BulkSMS to any number for as low as just 2.5kobo per unit..

Cable Tv

Instantly Activate Cable subscription with favourable discounts compared to others..

Affordable Data Plans And Prices

50.0MB ₦27 - (1MONTH)
150.0MB ₦55 - (1MONTH)
250.0MB ₦75 CG - 1MONTH
500.0MB ₦125 DATA SHARE - 1MONTH
500.0MB ₦130 -CG_LITE ( 1 MONTH)
500.0MB ₦132 - SME_LITE (1MONTH
500.0MB ₦133 -SME (1 MONTH)
500.0MB ₦133 -SME_LITE (1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦135 -CG (1 MONTH)
1.0GB ₦238 -PROMO (1 DAYS)
1.0GB ₦258 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦260 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦260 -CG_LITE ( 1 MONTH)
1.0GB ₦262 -SME (1 MONTH)
1.0GB ₦265 -CG (1MONTH)
2.5GB ₦510 - GIFTING (1 DAY)
2.0GB ₦516 - SME_LITE (1MONTH
2.0GB ₦520 -CG_LITE (1 MONTH)
2.0GB ₦520 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦524 -SME (1 MONTH)
2.0GB ₦530 -CG (1MONTH)
2.5GB ₦588 (2 DAYS)
3.5GB ₦600 -PROMO (2 DAYS)
3.0GB ₦774 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦780 -CG_LITE ( 1 MONTH)
3.0GB ₦780 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦786 -SME (1 MONTH)
3.0GB ₦795 -CG (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1290 - SME_LITE (1MONTH
5.0GB ₦1300 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1300 -CG_LITE ( 1 MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1310 -SME (1 MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1325 -CG (1 MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1455 (7 DAYS)
15.0GB ₦2100 - PROMO(7DAYS)
10.0GB ₦2580 - SME_LITE (1MONTH
10.0GB ₦2600 -CG_LITE ( 1 MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2600 - SME_LITE (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2620 -SME (1 MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2650 -CG (1MONTH)
8.0GB ₦2910 (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦3395 (1MONTH)
15.0GB ₦3975 -CG (1 MONTH)
20.0GB ₦5300 -CG (1 MONTH)
20.0GB ₦5400 (1MONTH)
25.0GB ₦6400 (1MONTH)
40.0GB ₦10400 (1MONTH)
40.0GB ₦10750 (1MONTH)
75.0GB ₦15600 (1MONTH)
75.0GB ₦19500 (1MONTH)
120.0GB ₦21500 (1 MONTH)
200.0GB ₦29100 (1 MONTH)
400.0GB ₦49000 -3 MONTH
600.0GB ₦73500 -3 MONTH
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100.0MB ₦60 -CG (1MONTH)
300.0MB ₦100 -CG (1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦138 -CG (1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦138 -SME CG(1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦140 - (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦275 (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦275 -SME CG(1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦280 - (1MONTH)
750.0MB ₦480 (14 DAYS)
2.0GB ₦550 -SME CG(1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦550 (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦560 - (1MONTH)
1.5GB ₦960 (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦1152 (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1375 (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1375 -SME CG(1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1400 - (1MONTH)
6.0GB ₦1440 (7 DAYS)
3.0GB ₦1440 (1MONTH)
4.5GB ₦1920 (1MONTH)
6.0GB ₦2400 (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2750 - CG (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2750 -SME CG(1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2800 - (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2880 (1MONTH)
15.0GB ₦4125 CDG - 1MONTH
15.0GB ₦4125 -SME CG (1MONTH)
20.0GB ₦4800 (1MONTH)
20.0GB ₦5500 -SME CG (1MONTH)
20.0GB ₦5500 1 MONTH
40.0GB ₦9600 (1MONTH)
75.0GB ₦14400 (1MONTH)
110.0GB ₦19200 (1MONTH)
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200.0MB ₦65 (14 DAYS)
500.0MB ₦119 (1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦120 -SME2 (1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦120 (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦245 (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦245 -SME2 (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦245 (1MONTH)
800.0MB ₦470 +500MB NIGHT (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦490 -SME2 (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦490 (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦490 (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦735 (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦735 -SME2 (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦735 (1MONTH)
1.9GB ₦940 +1GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1225 (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1225 -SME2 (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦1225 (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦1350 +1.5G NIGHT (1MONTH)
4.8GB ₦1800 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
7.7GB ₦2250 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2450 (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2450 -SME2 (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2450 (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦2700 -+4GB NIGHT(1MONTH)
13.25GB ₦3600 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
18.25GB ₦4500 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
29.5GB ₦7200 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
50.0GB ₦9000 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
93.0GB ₦13500 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
119.0GB ₦16200 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
138.0GB ₦18000 +4GB NIGHT (1MONTH)
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500.0MB ₦70 (1MONTH)
500.0MB ₦70 -SME CG (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦160 (1MONTH)
1.0GB ₦160 -SME CG (1MONTH)
1.5GB ₦240 (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦320 (1MONTH)
2.0GB ₦320 -SME CG (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦480 (1MONTH)
3.0GB ₦480 -SME CG (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦800 (1MONTH)
5.0GB ₦800 -SME CG (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦1600 (1MONTH)
10.0GB ₦1600 -SME CG (1MONTH)
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Join our network of outstanding entrepreneurs partnering with Datame Solution. Bring the Datame Solution service experience closer to your network and earn a commission for every transaction performed by your customers or make profit by reselling our services to them and make huge profit from our wholesale prices. We offer our referrers the best referral program incentives to encourage entrepreneurial/managerial skill acquisition, enhance growth and general empowerment as well as promote technology via the use of ICT tools in our society.

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